Small Ball Head BD1

Small Ball Head BD1
Item# BD1

Product Description

BD01 is one of the best light duty ballheads in performance and value! Great for use with lightweight cameras or use as a tilt mount for studio lights. The ballhead has no tension control and is made of solid one piece aluminum main body in matte black finish. Very consistent and even friction lock. Foldable side ring clamp quickly locks up both top and bottom plates.
Max. height: 2.6"

Camera screw size: 1/4"

Top plate diameter: 37mm

Base plate diameter: 39mm

Ballhead weight: 5.0oz.

Loading capacity: 4.5lbs.

Ballhead bottom has a 3/8" threaded socket with a 1/4" reducing bushing. Therefore this ballhead can be mounted on tripods or stands of both 3/8" and 1/4" mounting screws.