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Hammers Shooting Stick / Monopod
Hammers Shooting Stick / Monopod
Item# SP1

Product Description

Made of strong lightweight aluminum, Hammers shooting stick, with shooting yoke mounted, provides a steady platform for shooting in a standing, off-hand position, and thus greatly reduces impact of the wobble factor. It obviously benefits rifle, muzzleloader and handgun hunters. With its height easily adjustable from 29inch to 63inch, it works just as well for shooting from sitting, or kneeling positions. When not used for shooting, ST1 can be used as a hiking stick/monopod. Its easy-lock telescoping design has a spring-loaded anti-shock feature to absorb pounding and reduce stress to joints, muscles, and ligaments whether you're strolling through the park or traversing more rugged trails. The anti-shock feature can be turned On/Off with a twist of the stick. Ergonomic EVA foam grip with hard plastic top knob hides an integrated yoke/camera mount; A wear-resistant carbide tip is mounted at the end for use on hard or rocky surface; Other accessories include rubber end cap for paved roads, snow disc and adjustable nylon wrist strap with compass and temperature gauges. Weight: 12oz.. Color: Anodized Matte Black